A stunning marquee is often what draws new customers to the award-winning Art Deco-inspired building that houses Oliver T's Market. Inside, the Capoccia Family draws upon decades of retail experience to make all customers, both old and new, feel at home.

The bustling, 18,000-square-foot showplace is a testament to our family's commitment to customer service. Back in the early 1960's, our father, Frank, opened his original store, Bonanza Wine Shop, in the Detroit suburb of Livonia. At that time, his was the only store of its kind for miles, but he operated it as if it were surrounded by competitors. 


"See this jug of wine?," he would tell his wide-eyed offspring. "Our customers can go anywhere and get this. But here, here we carry it out for them.

What we're really selling here, is service." by 1987, his son, Chris and all three sons-in-law had left other careers and were working with him as managers.

"These customers don't have to come here ," he would tell them.

"Don't ever take their business for granted."

Realizing what a strong commitment to the family business there was, Frank proposed purchasing a second location and spreading that customer service around. The family saw Oliver T's (only two years old at the time) as a unique entree into specialty foods and a nice complement to their more traditional beverage operation.

Today, all four managers and all three of Frank's daughters--Marilyn, Marie and Cathy, work in the ever-evolving family business. (Frank's wife Joann and daughter-in-law Sue provide lots of moral support.)

If you ask about our business philosophy or what our "mission statement" is, it would be this: To provide you, our valued customer, with the largest possible selection of the world's finest foods and beverages along with interesting accoutrements for tasteful entertaining and stylish living.

And, to provide these treasures in a uplifting and entertaining shopping environment where caring and knowledgeable people are eager to take one man's legacy of exceptional service and...carry on. We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you.

Please feel free to call us in person or e-mail us with your questions or comments concerning specialty foods and beverages.