"Cigars should never be rushed, or puffed absentmindedly while you're doing deals on the phone. The more attention you give them, the more pleasure they will give you, so if you don't have a quiet hour or so, save the cigar until later. The leisurely ceremonial of preparing and smoking one of nature's minor triumphs is worth the investment in time."

Peter Mayle

Acquired Tastes

Oliver T's walk-in cedar humidor room has many of the finest premium cigars on the market today. Our humidor room is always kept at 70% relative humidity. Not only are our cigars fresh, but you will find our prices extremely competitive. You will find cigars for many different countries that use tobacco from different geographical areas.


Most tobacco from this area is grown from Cuban seed and tended by people trained in Cuba. Although it is not as strong as Cuban tobacco, it is a medium to full flavored tobacco used in creating the filler blends in many cigars. Most of a cigar's complex flavor depends on how the maker blends the different tobaccos.


This area produces several kinds of tobacco, including fillers, shade-grown and sun-grown wrappers. Many of the wrappers are now grown with Connecticut Valley and Sumatra tobacco seeds. This tobacco is a little milder than the original Ecuadorian leaves. These wrappers have a wonderful silky texture with a color in between a light Connecticut and a darker Cameroon wrapper. 


These wrapper leaves are full-bodied, with strong, spicy flavors. These countries produce both Cuban seed and Connecticut seed tobaccos.


Most cigars made in Mexico are made with 100% Mexican tobacco. This tobacco is often used as the binder leaf in cigars made in other countries as well. Mexican tobacco wrappers are often used as maduro wrapper leaves. This sun-grown tobacco stands up well to the hot, sweating process that creates a darker or maduro color.


The Connecticut shade grown leaf is one of the finest in the world. This brownish-yellow leaf is used on many of the finest cigars to create a mild to medium bodied smoke. Connecticut also produces a "Broadleaf" tobacco leaf. This is a heavier, very dark, thick-veined leaf, and usually used on a maduro cigar.


This central African tobacco is grown from the Sumatra seed. Its color varies from greenish-brown to dark brown. Its mild characteristics make it ideal for wrapping full-flavored filler tobaccos. Some of the premium brands we carry are: Arturo Fuente, Diamond Crown, Bauza, Montecristo, Don Diego, H. Upman, Macanudo, Cuesta Ray, Te-Amo, Punch, Puros Idios, Dunhill, Royal Jamaican, Excelsior and many more.


We offer an extensive selection flavored with vanilla, rum, cognac and some dipped in honey-molasses to create a sweet taste.


We stock several kinds and sizes of humidors to keep your cigars fresh, from desktops to travel styles. Our best values are the Diamond Crown Humidors. The Cigar Aficionado Magazine rated these fine crafted humidors as an exceptional value. Other humidors are also available.


Other accessories to complement your humidor include several kinds of cigar cutters, beautiful ashtrays, humidistat systems for inside your humidor, premium leather as well as plastic cigar holders including The Cigar Savor, Volcano windproof lighters and much more.


For the cost-conscious customer we offer Oliver T's private label Honduran cigars sold individually or by the bundle. Also in this line are Don Jose and Mexican segunda cigars. Having a baby? We carry several kinds of affordable "It's a girl" or It's a boy" cigars. Send us an e-mail or call us, we will be happy to find the cigars or accessories that you are looking for!