A Family Celebration

This is the gift that can't help but warm their hearts!


This is a gift that can’t help but warm their hearts! Delicious
comfort comes in the form of…Sparkling Cider*, Maple Grove
Pancake Mix and Syrup, 16 oz. Glass Milk Bottle of Silly Cow
Cocoa, 4 oz. Smashmallow gourmet Marshmallows, 5 oz.
Chocolate-drizzled Popcorn, 7 oz. Popcorners, 7 oz. Pretzel Crisps,
8 oz. Nichols Farms Pistachios, 14 oz. can of Pirouline Wafer Rolls,
Jelly Belly Christmas Mix, a unique--and brand new--Chocolate
Scrabble Game!--and Holiday Candies.  

 * You may substitute wine for an additional $5.00.

A Family Celebration Basket
A Family Celebration Gift Box