All The Best

Designed to make an elegant statement!

Designed to make an elegant statement,  this basket
features the best of everything beginning with a bottle of  Moet
&  Chandon Imperial Champagne and a 1 lb. Godiva Holiday Assortment.
Also included:  A 16 oz. Gift Box of Roasted Cashews,  11 oz. bag of
Germack Pistachios, Stonewall Kitchen  Mango Salsa, Tortilla Chips,
Rothschild Champagne Honey Mustard Dip,  Pretzels, 16 oz. Sable &
Rosenfeld Olive Bruschetta & DiBruno Crostini,  Romeo & Juliet  Olive Oil
& Balsamic Vinegar Cruet Gift Set, Stonewall Kitchen Dark Chocolate
Sea Salt Caramel Sauce, St. Pierre Brioche Dessert Waffles from France,
gorgeous stack of Chocolate-Dipped &  Decorated Pretzels from
Sweet Jubilee & Holiday Candies.