'Actually this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis--a good cup of hot coffee.' Alexander King

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French Roast

A customer favorite at Oliver T's. Our French Roast is roasted up VERY dark to produce an ...

Genuine Mocha Java

This blend of Mocha and Java beans produces a coffee of medium body and acidity.

German Chocolate Cake

Sweet coconut layered with dark chocolate cake notes.

Graham Cracker

An enticing blend of spices with warm, nutty baked notes.

Grand Marnier

The subtle flavors of orange and brandy liken this flavor to the popular liqueur.

Guatemala Antiqua

Very aromatic and well balanced. What most would consider an ideal cup of coffee.

Hawaiian Hazelnut

An exciting combination of a nut favorite blended with tropical notes.

Hawaiian Kona Fancy

The only coffee produced in the United States. A very smooth rich flavor combined with a m...

Hazelnut Creme

Our most popular flavored coffee. Fresh roasted hazelnuts mellowed with a touch of cream m...

Heavenly Delight

A blend of chocolate, caramel and sweet vanilla with a hint of coconut.

Highland Creme

In the Scottish tradition, a creamy butterscotch addition to our listing.

House Blend

Oliver T's own blend of beans which produces a coffee of medium body and mild acidity. One...