We start with 100% arabica coffee beans and add luscious chocolate aromatic vanilla or creamy hazelnut to create your favorite flavored coffees. All are available in regular or decafe. All coffee is shipped whole bean unless you specify otherwise.

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Heavenly Delight

A blend of chocolate, caramel and sweet vanilla with a hint of coconut.

Highland Creme

In the Scottish tradition, a creamy butterscotch addition to our listing.

Irish Creme

One of the world's favorite liqueurs in coffee form.

Jamaican Rum

The taste of a fine aged rum, deep and dark in flavor.

Kahlua Truffle

The coffee flavored liuqeur's beans are tumbled with cocoa powder to produce a rich coffee...

Macadamia Nut

A coffee with the rich buttery nutty flavor of the Hawaiian Macadamia Nut.

Mackinac Island Fudge

A rich chocolate fudge flavor that could only come from Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Maple Cinnamon

Maple syrup and cinnamon and to this coffee's unique flavor.

Maple Walnut

A sweet maple sugar flavor laced with the flavor of English walnluts, delicately sweet and...

Michigan Black Raspberry

Wild Michigan Black Raspberries give this coffee its unique fruity flavor.

Michigan Blueberry Cobbler

The taste of fresh, sweet and juicy Michigan blueberries with warm spice notes.

Michigan Sweet Cherry

Plump and juicy Michigan Cherries add to this unique coffee flavor.