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Oliver T's Market Gourmet Cakes!  Quality and Service!  Our goal is to provide you with an amazing cake buying experience, and an amazing cake! 

Carrot Cake

carrot cake_edited.jpg

Our delicious carrot cake has two layers of carrot cake.  It comes loaded with pineapple and pecans, decorated with cream cheese icing, toasted coconut and icing carrots.

8" cake serves 10 -12.  $33 

10" cake serves 16 - 20.  $62

1/4 sheet cake serves 20 - 24.  $62

Half Sheet cake serves 30 - 50.  $105

Full Sheet cake serves 50 - 100.  $185

Old Fashioned German Chocolate & German Chocolate Surprise

traditional german choc cake.jpeg

Old Fashion above, Surprise below

german choc surprise cake.jpeg

Our german chocolate surprise has two layers of chocolate cake that will reveal a surprise when you cut into this delicious cake, which is a coconut-pecan filling.  This cake is covered in chocolate icing and enrobed in chocolate ganache.

8" cake serves 10 -12.  $33 

10" cake serves 16 - 20.  $62

1/4 sheet cake serves 20 - 24.  $62

Half Sheet cake serves 30 - 50.  $105

Full Sheet cake serves 50 - 100.  $185

Traditional Cakes

cherry cake.jpeg


Our traditional cakes are available in White, Chocolate, Yellow, Marble, Cherry, and Confetti.  The cakes will come with white or chocolate buttercream and basic decoration (Decorations include Traditional Floral, Dotted Swiss (pale pink, yellow, or green icing with tiny white buttercream dots),  or Confetti & Streamers (multi-colored icing streamers draped over white buttercream)).

6" triple layer cake serves 6-8, $20.  Marble, Cherry, Confetti add $3. 

8" triple layer cake serves 10-12, $30.  Marble, Cherry, Confetti add $4

10" triple layer cake serves 16-20, $48.  Marble, Cherry, Confetti add $4

12" triple layer cake serves 20-25, $58.  Marble, Cherry, Confetti add $5

1/4 sheet triple layer cake serves 20-25, $48.  Marble, Cherry, Confetti add $4

1/2 sheet triple layer cake serves 40-60, $85.  Marble, Cherry, Confetti add $5

full sheet triple layer cake serves 50-100, $150.  Marble, Cherry, Confetti add $10

Super Premium Cakes (pricing below)

caramel sea salt cake_edited.jpg

Caramel Sea Salt

rosebud cake_edited.jpg


chocolate chip layer cake_edited.jpg

Chocolate chip Mousse

vanilla bean cake_edited.jpg

Vanilla Bean

coconut cream cake.jpeg

Coconut Cream

Caramel Sea Salt, chocolate cake with bittersweet sea salt caramel filling, finished with chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache

Orange Cranberry Layer Cake, with vanilla buttercream.

Chocolate Chip Mousse Cake, chocolate chip cake filled with chocolate mousse and laced with chocolate chips.

Coconut Cream, coconut cake with vanilla buttercream, coconut sides and maraschino cherries on top.

Peanut Butter Cup, chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream icing.

Vanilla Bean Cake, three layers of vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean Italian buttercream

Rosebud Cake, two layers of white cake with strawberry mousse filling with Italian buttercream

Lemon Surprise Cake, two layers of white cake with lemon mousse filling and Italian buttercream

Chocolate Raspberry Cake, two layers of chocolate cake with raspberry mousse filling and raspberry Italian buttercream

Neoplolitan Cake, one layer of chocolate cake, one layer of white cake with strawberry Italian buttercream between the layers and Neopolitan deco.

Old Fashion Cakes (pricing below)

Golden Walnut, triple layer yellow cake frosted in buttercream with crushed toasted walnuts on sides.

Red Velvet Cake, with cream cheese icing

Banana Layer Cake, made with real bananas, frosted in Italian buttercream.

banana cake_edited.jpg


red velvet cake_edited.jpg

Red Velvet

Pricing for Super Premium and Old Fashioned Cakes

6" cake serves 6-8, $24. 

8" cake serves 10-12, $33.

10" cake serves 16-20, $61.

12" cake serves 20-25, $75.

1/4 sheet cake serves 20-25, $61.

1/2 sheet cake serves 40-60, $100.

full sheet cake serves 50-100, $180.

boston cream pie cake_edited.jpg

Boston Cream Pie, classic single layer yellow cake with custard filling and dark chocolate glaze.  8" is $21 and serves 6-10, 10" is $36 and serves 12-16, Baby Boston Cream Pie is $5 (minimum 6)

Ridge Cakes

cake ridge cake.jpg

Vanilla, Cherry, or Peanut Butter Fillings ($5 upcharge for Cherry & Peanut Butter), delicious chocolate cake with whipped cream "ridges" covered in rich chocolate ganache with your choice of filling. 8" is $28, 10" is $50, 1/4 sheet is $50, 1/2 sheet is $90, full sheet is $170

Split Dream Cakes

strawberry dream.jpeg

Lemon Dream (lemon filling), Strawberry Dream (strawberry filling), delicious light single layer cakes, split in two, filled and comes with whipped cream icing.  8"/$25, 10"/$44, "12/$53, 1/4 sheet/$44, 1/2 sheet/$79, full sheet/$150

Strawberry Dream

See-Through Tortes

photo soon.jpg

Orange, Strawberry, Lemon, Black Forest, Tiramisu, Tuxedo, rectangular tortes with light fillings, whipped cream and unfrosted sides, easy to slice and serve.  a great value at $21 and serves 6-8

Wedding Cakes

photo soon.jpg

Wedding and Anniversary cakes are available in all Gourmet Torte and Traditional Cake flavors.  Priced from $3.25 per slice.  Please call for information or schedule an appointment.

Cheese Cakes

photo soon.jpg

Classic New York, Chocolate Mousse.  6" deep dish is $26.

Cream Pies

photo soon.jpg

Key Lime, Lemon Meringue, Coconut Cream, Brownie Mousse, Peanut Butter Brownie Mousse.  $20 per pie.

Fruit Pies

photo soon.jpg

Apple, Dutch Apple, Caramel Apple Nut, No-Sugar Added Apple, Strawberry Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Cherry, Blueberry, Peach, Fruit of the Forest, Pecan, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Praline.  $18 per 9" deep dish pie.

House Specials

photo soon.jpg

Bread Pudding, Praline and vanilla sauce, Apple Raisin with Vanilla Sauce, Pumpkin with Caramel Pecan Sauce.  deep dish, half pan, serves 16-20 and is $35.

Tiramisu, whole is $82 and serves 16-20, half is $45.

Fresh Fruit Tart, 9" is $26, 3" is $5.


cupcake tray.jpeg

Jumbo Cupcakes $2.99 - $4.50, Standard Cupcakes $1.95 - $2.49...Standard Cupcakes by order only, minimum dozen, two varieties per dozen maximum.  Many of our Jumbo Cupcakes can be found in our showcase daily, however, please order larger quantities 48 hours in advance.


- Yellow

- Cherry

- Coconut

- Confetti

- Luscious Lemon

- Orange

- Orange Pineapple

- Banana Nut

- Buckeye

- Butterscotch

- Carrot

- Chocolate Chip

- Chocolate Chip Mousse

- Chocolate Raspberry

- Chocolate Sea Salt

- Espresso

- German Chocolate

- Keylime

- Lemon Daisy

- Lemon Surprise

- Orange Cranberry

- Peanut Butter Cup

- Pumpkin

- Red Velvet

- Ridge

- Rosebud

- Tin Roof

- Vanilla Bean

- Big Flower

- Banquet

Ordering Information

Many of our cakes can be found every day in our showcase and normally we can write simple notes (example: Happy Birthday Joe) on demand, however, if you desire customization beyond that, or a cake that is not in stock, we need two business days notice.  Cut off for Saturday through Monday orders is 9pm Wednesday night.  Rush orders may be possible and will include an upcharge.

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